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What is MyVanbreda?
MyVanbreda is part of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, the largest independent insurance broker in Belgium. MyVanbreda keeps your needs in mind to select the best products and negotiate the most extended covers for you. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits specialises in giving advice on, and providing and managing insurance agreements.
Why do I have to register?
By registering, we know who your employer is. This allows you to enjoy insurance terms that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Furthermore, only you will be able to access your contracts and data after registration.
How much does it cost to change my insurance?
Changing your insurance doesn’t cost a thing. What’s more, we manage the entire change for you – you won’t even have to leave your chair!
How is it possible that MyVanbreda can offer such discounts?
Both the insurer and the broker experience huge gains in efficiency thanks to MyVanbreda. Furthermore, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits occupies a strong position to negotiate basic premiums with insurance companies. As we like to share these discounts with our clients, you will be able to enjoy this advantage as well.
Is my data safe?
Yes, your data is completely safe on MyVanbreda. It is processed and stored on the Vanbreda Risk & Benefits Data Management platforms. Furthermore, their employees will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.
What if I change my mind?
You can revoke the agreement within 14 days, without having to specify a reason. The withdrawal period ends 14 days after the day MyVanbreda confirmed your agreement. More information on revoking an agreement can be found in the footer.
What if I start to work for another employer?
MyVanbreda and its reduced rates apply for all employees and their families of the affiliated companies. When you leave your company, your contract can continue nonetheless. The insurance company, however, does have the right to change your premium to market rates from your contract’s next due date onwards.

Got a claim? We'll take care of it

Damage bicycle insurance

Do you wish to make a claim or do you need urgent assistance?
Contact us by phone or e-mail:

03 292 02 92

Make a list of the following details and be sure to mention them in your e-mail or during your phone call:

  • clear and full statement of the facts, from both you and the other party;
  • your contact details (name, address, etc.);
  • contact details of the other party;
  • photos of the damage.

In order to organize the assistance as well as possible, please contact us before any intervention. The aid provider only grants only costs approved by him.

Damage related to theft, attempted theft or vandalism must be reported within 48 hours of its occurrence.

Hint: Use your smartphone or tablet to take photos of the damage. Make sure that the photos are large and bright enough.