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What is MyVanbreda?
MyVanbreda is part of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, the largest independent insurance broker in Belgium. MyVanbreda keeps your needs in mind to select the best products and negotiate the most extended covers for you. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits specialises in giving advice on, and providing and managing insurance agreements.
Why do I have to register?
By registering, we know who your employer is. This allows you to enjoy insurance terms that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Furthermore, only you will be able to access your contracts and data after registration.
How much does it cost to change my insurance?
Changing your insurance doesn’t cost a thing. What’s more, we manage the entire change for you – you won’t even have to leave your chair!
How is it possible that MyVanbreda can offer such discounts?
Both the insurer and the broker experience huge gains in efficiency thanks to MyVanbreda. Furthermore, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits occupies a strong position to negotiate basic premiums with insurance companies. As we like to share these discounts with our clients, you will be able to enjoy this advantage as well.
Is my data safe?
Yes, your data is completely safe on MyVanbreda. It is processed and stored on the Vanbreda Risk & Benefits Data Management platforms. Furthermore, their employees will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.
What if I change my mind?
You can revoke the agreement within 14 days, without having to specify a reason. The withdrawal period ends 14 days after the day MyVanbreda confirmed your agreement. More information on revoking an agreement can be found in the footer.
What if I start to work for another employer?
MyVanbreda and its reduced rates apply for all employees and their families of the affiliated companies. When you leave your company, your contract can continue nonetheless. The insurance company, however, does have the right to change your premium to market rates from your contract’s next due date onwards.

Bicycle insurance

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Bicycle insurance

1. What is covered by this insurance policy?

With our bicycle insurance, we offer you comprehensive cover that protects you against theft and material damage to your bicycle. This comprehensive cover can be taken out for bicycles up to 3 years old, for a maximum amount of €10,000, including VAT. Accessories are included apart from easily detachable items and their holders, including but not limited to GPS, milometer, camera, etc.

You also get assistance cover when you take out the comprehensive cover.

If your bicycle does not need pedal assistance, third-party liability cover is also required by law. In that case, this is automatically included in our cover. This covers you against damage caused to third parties.

You can also always take out additional personal accident insurance.

1.1 Third-party liability and legal assistance

Third-party bicycle insurance reimburses you for the cost of material damage and bodily injury (for which you are legally liable) caused by you to third parties as a result of using your bicycle.

With the legal assistance cover, the insurer will also cover the legal costs of defending you if you are held liable for such incidents. If you incur damages caused by a liable third party, then the insurer will endeavour to recover these damages.

1.2 Comprehensive

The comprehensive cover insures you against damage caused to your bicycle.

Please note: in order for the theft cover to apply, the bicycle must be secured to a solid object with a lock (minimum value of 60 €, incl VAT) at the time of the theft.

If the bicycle is parked in a commune of the Brussels-Capital Region (from postal code 1000 to 1210), the bicycle must be parked in a private, fully enclosed, covered and locked room (with no obligation of attachment to a fixed point via the chain lock referred to), or in a room accessible only to authorised persons (with obligation of attachment to a fixed point via the chain lock referred to);

1.3 Assistance

The comprehensive insurance automatically includes technical and mechanical assistance cover, in Belgium and up to 30km beyond land borders.

You can claim this assistance if your bicycle is out of action due to:

  • a technical incident,
  • a puncture,
  • an accident,
  • act of vandalism,
  • theft or attempted theft.

Thanks to this cover, you will receive assistance from a patrol person at the place of the incident (i.e. at least 1km from your home) as quickly as possible. This patrol person can also transport you and your bicycle to your home or to a repairer of your choice.

1.4 Accidental bodily injury

The accidental bodily injury cover insures you against all bodily injury caused by an accident involving the bicycle. Where applicable, the insurer will pay out for death, permanent disablement and medical expenses.

2. How much are you insured for?

2.1 Third-party cover

In case of bodily injury, you are insured for an unlimited amount and in case of material damage the cover is limited to

  • €2,500 per passenger for clothing and personal baggage.
  • €100,000,000 per claim in all other cases

2.2 Comprehensive cover

The indemnity depends on the age of the bicycle at the time of the claim.

The amount of the indemnity is:

  • 100% of the invoice value if the insured bicycle is claimed during the first 18 months from the date of the purchase invoice;
  • Depreciation is applied at a rate of 1% per month from the 19th month;
  • From the 49th month after the date of the purchase invoice for the insured bicycle and/or accessories: actual value. However, the actual value of the insured bicycle and/or accessories must not exceed 40% of the insured value.

The "invoice value" means the amount of the purchase invoice for the bicycle and/or accessories when new. This amount includes VAT, unless this is deductible.

Indemnity at "actual value" means compensation for the value of the insured bicycle and/or accessories on the date of the claim, as fixed by an adjuster. If the amount of the indemnity at actual value exceeds the amount of the indemnity at agreed value, the indemnity will be calculated based on the actual value, limited in all cases to the invoice value paid by the policyholder.

In the event of total loss or theft, the limit of indemnity will be €6,000.

3. How much is the excess?

An excess only applies to racing or mountain bikes under the comprehensive cover.

This amounts:

  • in case of Material damage to 10% of the insured value.
  • in case of Total loss or total theft
    • to 20% of the insured value the first year
    • to 30% of the insured value the second year
    • to 40% of the insured value the third year

Therefore, no excess applies to electric bicycles and city bikes (or other bicycles).

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