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What is MyVanbreda?
MyVanbreda is part of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, the largest independent insurance broker in Belgium. MyVanbreda keeps your needs in mind to select the best products and negotiate the most extended covers for you. Vanbreda Risk & Benefits specialises in giving advice on, and providing and managing insurance agreements.
Why do I have to register?
By registering, we know who your employer is. This allows you to enjoy insurance terms that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Furthermore, only you will be able to access your contracts and data after registration.
How much does it cost to change my insurance?
Changing your insurance doesn’t cost a thing. What’s more, we manage the entire change for you – you won’t even have to leave your chair!
How is it possible that MyVanbreda can offer such discounts?
Both the insurer and the broker experience huge gains in efficiency thanks to MyVanbreda. Furthermore, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits occupies a strong position to negotiate basic premiums with insurance companies. As we like to share these discounts with our clients, you will be able to enjoy this advantage as well.
Is my data safe?
Yes, your data is completely safe on MyVanbreda. It is processed and stored on the Vanbreda Risk & Benefits Data Management platforms. Furthermore, their employees will treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.
What if I change my mind?
You can revoke the agreement within 14 days, without having to specify a reason. The withdrawal period ends 14 days after the day MyVanbreda confirmed your agreement. More information on revoking an agreement can be found in the footer.
What if I start to work for another employer?
MyVanbreda and its reduced rates apply for all employees and their families of the affiliated companies. When you leave your company, your contract can continue nonetheless. The insurance company, however, does have the right to change your premium to market rates from your contract’s next due date onwards.

Travel insurance

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Travel insurance

1. What are you insured for?

Everyone likes to travel without a care. If you encounter a problem on your travels, you want to be well-insured and able to rely on professional assistance.

What is covered by basic cover?

  • Medical expenses abroad
  • Medical expenses in Belgium after hospitalisation
  • Liability insurance and reimbursement of legal costs
  • Search and rescue costs
  • Cancellation of the travel
  • Reimbursement of sports activities (for example, ski pass)
  • Extension of the travel
The maximum reimbursement ceilings depends on the choice between the global package and the universe package. By travel, we mean:
  • Travelling to a destination outside of the home country;
  • Travelling to a destination within the country of residence, on the condition that with such travel, at least three overnight stays are involved that were booked before the commencement of the travel.

You will find various reimbursement ceilings in the table below. For more detail, we refer to the general terms and conditions which you can find with your premium simulation:

Maximum travel time90 days180 days
Personal liability€1,000,000€1,000,000
Legal costs€25,000€25,000
Medical expenses, urgent medical dental care abroad€1,000,000 (€50 excess)€3,000,000 (€50 excess)
Medical expenses after hospitalisation (max. 1 year) in your domicile€2,500 per insured€5,000 per insured
Urgent medical dental care in your domicile€1,000€1,500
Funeral expenses€1,000€2,000
Search and rescue costs€5,000€10,000
Assistance upon skiing accidentYESYES
Reimbursement of unused amount with sports activities (for example, ski pass)Up to €125Up to €250
Repatriation of insured, vehicle, baggage as a result of a medical incident or deathYESYES
Support for under-age children€2.000€3.000
Unexpected return from abroad due to hospitalisation or death of a family member or business partner, palliative care in the terminal stage of a family member€1.000.000€3.000.000
Response to disastersNOYES
Extension of travel €75 per night per room (max. €750)€150 per night per room (max. €1,500)
Cancellation, curtailment or interruption of the travel€1,000 per incident per insured (€250 travel delay)
Max. €1,250 per year per insured
€2,500 per incident per insured (€300 travel delay)
Max. €3,000 per year per insured
Miss departure and delay€500€1,000

2. A few clarifications for the basic covers

2.1 Medical expenses abroad, urgent medical dental care

These include reasonable costs made necessarily for medical, surgical or other diagnostic or remedying treatments. These should be administered or prescribed by a qualified doctor and comprise all hospital, nursing home and ambulance costs.

Dental care, optical expenses and routine pregnancy expenses are excluded unless they are caused as a result of an emergency.

2.2 Medical expenses in Belgium after hospitalisation (max. 1 year)

This concerns medical expenses made during a medical repatriation or evacuation.

These medical expenses are limited to

  • the usual costs for housing and care,
  • cost of treatments and reimbursement for consultants and doctors,
  • reimbursements for nursing,
  • costs of prescribed medicines and bandages
  • prescribed by doctors and, if applicable, by a hospital or medical facility, outpatient treatment
  • costs for transport by motor vehicles with permit to and from such a hospital, or other suitable medical facility so that you can receive treatment.

2.3 Extension of travel insurance (per night and per room / maximum total)

All reasonable costs that were necessary for a room, accommodation only.

2.4 Reimbursement of fixed costs for a sports activity (for example, Ski pass)

  • The unused portion of each lost ski pass during the operative time
  • The unused portion of each ski pass, ski rental, ski attire rental and tuition fees if:
    • You have suffered personal injury or disease during the operative time which has been certified by a local doctor
    • According to the doctor's opinion, you are not capable of continuing your normal activities during your travel.

All sports are included except professional competitions and excluding sports or leisure time activities with which considerable risk exists (extreme sports).

This cover protects you against legal costs made by you or your legal representative in exercising a claim made against a third party who has accidentally caused you personal injury or disease or your death during the travel.

  • Claims must be submitted to us within 60 days after the date of the incident that resulted in the claim.
  • We will have the right to recommend and appoint a legal representative who will act on your behalf and will have direct access to the legal representative at all times.
  • We retain the right to withdraw the cover at any moment and after that, we will not be liable for the further cover of the costs.

2.6 Personal liability

This cover protects you for an event or series of events (including legal costs), if you are held legally liable for the payment of claims for accidental personal injury of a third party or accidental loss or damage to properties that took place during travel.

2.7 Cancellation, curtailment and interruption of journey

This cover protects you against unpaid payments, paid or contracted, to be paid for travel, accommodation and unused advanced booked excursions (including extra travel costs made for return to your home) if the upcoming travel would be cancelled before the start or shortened before its completion as a direct result of:

  • Death, accidental personal injury, disease or mandatory quarantine of you or a person with whom you would stay during your travel, or of a close relative who makes your presence in your home necessary.
  • Dismissal (on the condition that such a dismissal qualifies for payment in the country where you reside)
  • The summoning of the jury or attending a legal case in your country of residence, or when you or your travelling party must be present in the country as a result of a military or civil emergency
  • Serious damage or burglary, within seven (7) days prior to a journey, at your home or the place of your firm or the firm of your travelling party
  • Bad weather conditions whereby it is impossible to travel to the point of departure at the start of an outward journey.
  • Volcanic ash in the atmosphere whereby it is impossible to travel with your booked in advance travel transport.

Suitable pieces of evidence must be provided as proof of the need to cancel or reduce a journey, including medical information, if necessary.

2.8 Response to disasters

This cover protects against all reasonable and necessary expenses charged by the Crisis Response Consultant. These were necessitated and directly and exclusively incurred as a result of the management of a potential, actual or threatening crisis event.

It also covers reasonable extra costs such as prior-approved costs charged by Crisis Response Consultants to the insured person. These were necessitated and directly and exclusively incurred as a result of the management of a potential, actual or threatening crisis event, including but not limited to:

  • Emergency evacuation costs
  • Displacement of travel and accommodation
  • Independent interpretation costs and expenses
  • Development of a search protocol

A "crisis event" means any unstable or dangerous situation that is the direct result of serious personal injury or the death of an insured with little or no warning, as stated below:

  • Political threat / distress including war, uproar, rebellion, revolution, invasion
  • Unlawful detention / kidnapping / blackmail / extortion
  • Violent crime / malicious attack
  • Natural disasters
  • Act of Terrorism
  • Civil unrest
  • Bomb explosion
  • Child kidnapping
  • Enforced disappearance
  • Hijack

3. Additional coverage

The additional coverage below can be chosen as optional.

3.1 Personal accidents

This cover pays for the damage incurred when you suffer personal injury because of an accident during the travel. The payment is made according to the coverage and upon a sufficiently substantiated damage claim.

3.2 Baggage

This cover provides a reimbursement in the case of loss or damage of personal baggage, clothes, personal effects and money (including reasonable costs incurred as a result of loss of money).

If your personal baggage, clothes or effects are temporarily lost for more than twelve consecutive hours by the carrier during the travel, an intervention will take place for the purchase of immediate necessities up to the stated amount in the table above.

The payment is made as an 'Immediate need', but such a payment is deducted from the last claim if the loss turns out to be permanent.

3.3 Vehicle assistance

Assistance insurance for people and vehicles is valid throughout Europe. You therefore enjoy the breakdown service throughout Europe.

You are entitled to a replacement car for 5 days (3 days in Belgium).

This assistance includes the following guarantees:

  • Towing the vehicle by the police / insured: max. € 200
  • Transport of the passengers to their place of residence / location: max.100 € / event
  • Hotel awaiting the repair on the spot in case the vehicle can be repaired within 5 days (max 5 days - 70 € / person / night - 100 € / single / night)

4. What to do for assistance in case of an emergency?

If you wish to be reimbursed for non-medical problems (baggage loss, ski resort closure, ...), please fill in the claim form at

For urgent assistance, please call immediately to Allianz Global Assistance:

Tel.: + 32 2 773 62 79
(available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

(Urgent assistance: medical & dental emergency abroad, search & rescue costs, disaster response cover, repatriation Costs, mortal remains)

5. Coronavirus special exclusion

This Insurance does not cover any claim in any way caused by or resulting from:

  1. Coronavirus disease (COVID-19);
  2. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2);
  3. any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2;
  4. any fear or threat of a, b or c above. We shall also not reimburse any expenses caused by or resulting from periods of quarantine or isolation.

The contractual provisions are set out solely in the general and special conditions. This information sheet is not part of the contract.

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